Once a player is accepted to the club , parents are responsible for full payment of all club dues.  Accepting a spot with the club means acceptance of that financial responsibility to the club also.

If a team stays overnight at any tournament, players must room with their parents or parents must arrange for another adult to chaperone their child by rooming with them. all travel, food and lodging are the responsibility  of the individual and are not covered by club fees/dues.

Club fees will be paid in three installments due on the first of the months of November, December and January (less deposit). Deposit $350 to hold players spot on team.

Note: Travel teams will be paying for their qualifiers before the team is registered.

** Failure to pay installments on time could result in non-participation by the athlete. If you need an alternate pay schedule, please contact club director. The athlete will not participate in practices or tournaments until dues are paid up to date.          


Being part of a club is a big responsibility not only for the athlete, but for the parents as well. Parents are expected to pay dues and make sure the athlete is at all practices and tournaments on time. Car-pooling with teammates may be helpful, but ultimately the parent is responsible for the athlete’s transportation. Occasionally a question or concern arises regarding policies. Please bring personal concerns to the Club Director. As parents, you are role models for your children. Good sportsmanship should always be the number one priority. All players are expected to stay at tournaments until the team’s responsibilities have been fulfilled. This includes officiating responsibilities. Any player leaving without consent of her coach will be sanctioned by reduced playing time during the next tournament.


It is the decision of the coaches, with possible input from the club director, who earns a spot in the starting line-up on her team and how she develops each player into becoming an integral part of the team. Parents are not allowed to question these types of decisions. If a parent chooses to ignore this policy, his/her child may be suspended from participation in tournaments or practices as per coach’s/club director’s discretion.

Parents are  asked to encourage their daughter to talk to the coach about concerns about playing time, skill progress, etc. Concerns by parents beyond those handled by the player and coach should be brought to the coach preferably by phone, e-mail  and always away from the practice or tournament site. A conference can be arranged if necessary. If satisfaction is not obtained after discussion or meeting with the coach, parents should contact the club director who will decide if further action needs to be taken.


Athletes who participate in school sports or other activities and also wish to play club volleyball have an added challenge of balancing these activities. It requires a special person to be organized and committed to these activities, but it can be done. Coaches expect that the athlete be honest and open about school sport/activity conflicts so the coaches can plan accordingly. A coach may be able to handle missing one or two athletes during a winter or spring sport season for some tournaments and practices, but will have to be informed of the conflicts at tryout time so she /he can plan to have a “balanced” team.

What are the payment schedules?

Payments can be broke down into 3 payments as follows:  November 1, December 1 and January 1 (less deposit).

We accept credit card payments via paypal (service fee will apply).

Where are the practice locations?

Davies Volleyball Complex, 548 S Coy St, Kansas City, KS 66105

Kansas City North Community Center, 3930 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City, MO 64117

Flash Performance, 6609 Royal St #120, Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

Is there a social media policy?

Yes. KC Volleyball Club has a social media policy across the coaching/administrative staff.